Medical Waste Transporters

Provide OSHA Compliance for your customers and use electronic medical waste manifest, schedule, routing, and billing for you.

Provide your customers with a comprehensive online OSHA Compliance Program, Plus Routing, Scheduling, Invoicing and Payment Center.

Compliance Publishing provides a comprehensive online OSHA Compliance program for Medical Waste companies to distribute to their customers, making it easier to compete, and streamline your operations with our 100% cloud-based electronic medical waste manifesting, Scheduling, Routing, and Invoicing to increase your operations efficiencies.

For Your Business:

  • Advance Route Planning: Efficient routing allows you to operate more stops per day at the lowest cost. CP gives you the flexibility to route your customer in the most efficient manner.
  • Digital Driver Solution: Everything your drivers needs using their Apple or Android smartphone, in 100% real-time.
  • Billing Center: With the integrated Billing Center, invoicing and collecting payments from your customers have never been easier, faster, or more accurate.
  • Reporting: CP reporting gives you the information you need in real-time.
  • CPNet – Electronic Subcontracting: CPNet automates the entire subcontract process, provides full visibility on your subcontracted customers, in real-time.
  • Customer Acquisition: Give your customers the option of signing up for your services 24/7 directly from your website.

For Your Customers:

  • Training: Bloodborne Pathogens, HIPPA, DoT, Hazcom, and more keeps your customers in full OSHA compliance
  • MSDS/SDS: Millions of Material Safety Data Sheets.
  • Safety Plan Builder: Create and maintain all four OSHA required safety plans.
  • Safety Audits: Let your customers conduct over 75 different safety audits on their facility.
  • OSHA Log 300: Create and maintain the employee injury log.
  • Regulations: All 225,000 Federal Regulations, updated monthly.
  • ICD-10: Look up any of the current ICD-10 codes.
  • Infectious Control Center: Review current topics on dealing with highly infectious patients and waste.
  • Electronic Manifest Storage: Instant online access to a customer’s electronic medical waste manifests.
  • Billpay: View and pay invoices, payment history, and sign up for AutoPay
  • Service Schedule Calendar: Allow your customers to start or add new service

A comprehensive plan designed to drive amazing results.

The Compliance Publishing program is completely ONLINE, making it fast and easy for you and your customers to use. Customers will have access to a full suite of compliance solutions. This online suite complements your current services. You will have access to a full suite of programs to improve your level of efficiency.

Advanced Route Planning

  • Create multiple schedules for customers with more than one service
  • Optimize routes thirty days in advance for easy route modification
  • Choose between full route optimization, fixed route order, or a blend
  • Provide recommendations to increase route density
  • Move customers from one route to another
  • View schedules up to one year in advance
  • Schedule both recurring and one-time stops
  • View anticipated time and distance for each route

Digital Driver Solution

  • Unlimited number of devices and drivers
  • View detailed customer and service notes
  • Service a customer and create electronic service tickets
  • Document additional items picked up, capturing additional revenue
  • Take photographs; such as no containers, blocked containers, or additional items, which will automatically be recorded in the service ticket
  • Send messages to the office electronically
  • View added stops in real-time
  • View routes in list and map view
  • Reoptimize routes as needed
  • Turn by turn navigation

Billing Center

  • Create invoices directly from service ticket data
  • Create a single invoice for a customer group, subtotaled by location
  • Run credit card and ACH automatically as invoices are created
  • Credit card and ACH information is securely stored in
  • Gain additional revenue by capturing extra services
  • Standard or custom pricing
  • Create quantity pricing and minimum fees
  • Add late fees, credit card convenience fees and one-time fees
  • Customers can view and pay their invoices online
  • Service suspension for past due customers
  • Email and/or print invoices

Reporting, Reporting, Reporting

  • Schedules up to one year in advance
  • Real-time route progress
  • Skipped customers
  • Stops, container counts, and extra items
  • Route profitability
  • Accounts receivable
  • Sales tax, sales commissions, late fees, one-time fees, AutoPay, and more
  • Invoices created
  • Payments received
  • Sales trends
  • Create custom service and accounting reports

CPNet - Electronic Subcontracting

  • Send customer information and orders to subcontractors
  • View subcontracted customer schedules in real-time
  • Subcontracted customers' service tickets included in your reporting
  • Subcontracted customers completed service tickets flow directly into the billing center, allowing seamless billing

Automated Customer Acquisition

  • Customers sign up for your services directly from your website, including their payment information.
  • The system automatically assigns the customer to a route
  • Dispatch makes any route changes
  • Highly detailed reporting captures potential customers or information request allowing your sales team to follow-up

Secure Self Service Customer Portal

  • 12 month service calendar
  • View service records
  • Sign up for AutoPay
  • Pay invoices securely using credit card or ACH
  • View payment history and invoices

Customer Service

  • Unlimited number of simultaneous office users
  • View and modify customer information
  • Create notes in the program: customer service calls, driver notes, and invoice notes
  • Modify services, schedules, and customer pricing
  • Rights management limits employee access

For All of Your Customers

  • A single, comprehensive system of servers on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) network
  • As traffic grows, AWS automatically adds servers throughout the day, so you never slow down
  • Full PCI compliance
  • Three layers of security
  • A full data backup every 5 minutes
  • Data is backed up with 7x redundancy
  • View your data from anywhere
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Servers operate in multiple data centers, in multiple regions to guarantee service
  • Credit card and ACH data is ONLY stored on VISA card servers, eliminating credit card theft risk
  • All programming and customer service is U.S. based by full-time CP employees
  • Program updates occur an average of twice per week

Online OSHA Training Courses

Provide your customers with online OSHA training courses in an easy to use and manage training center: Bloodborne Pathogens, HIPAA, Hazcom, DoT, Sharps Safety, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Fires Safety, Ergonomics, Electrical Safety, and more.

OSHA Compliance Program

Providing your customers with a comprehensive OSHA program makes it easier for you to complete. Includes Training, (M)SDS, Regulations, ICD-10, Safety Plan Builder, Safety Audits, OSHA Log 300 and much more, all put in a single suite for your customers to access.

Marketing Support

Use our experience to help you grow. We’ll provide an entire set of customized brochures for you to print and send to your customers covering the entire set of the compliance products, plus we are here to give you any guidance that you may need to market and support your customers.

Your Complete Compliance Solution

Compliance Publishing helps manage all of your OSHA compliance requirements with our one-stop online compliance solution. MSDS/SDS, Online Training, ICD-10, Safety Plan Builder, and more, all with a single click of a button.

Included In The Compliance Suite:


Millions of Material Safety Data Sheets to search, store, and make compliance easier.

Safety Plan Builder:

Create, update, and maintain all four OSHA required safety plans.

Safety Audits:

Over 75 different safety audits on a variety of OSHA topics.

OSHA Log 300/300A/301:

Electronically create, update, and maintain the employee injury and illness recordkeeping log.


The complete Code of Federal Regulations, searchable in electronic format, updated monthly.


Searchable ICD-10 database. Search by ICD-10 code or diagnosis.

Infectious Control Center:

Review current topics on highly infectious pathogens and waste.

Online Training

Your customers can train all of their employees online fast and easy.

Service Schedule Calendar:

View online the waste pickup schedule by date or customer.

Electronic Manifest Storage:

Real-time online access to customer’s electronic manifests.

Online Manifest, Scheduling & Routing

Eliminate your paper manifests simply by using your smart phone. No more filing, mailing, organizing, and looking for previous manifests for your customers. No more illegible writing and misplaced manifests by your drivers.

Electronic Medical Waste Manifest

Our Electronic Medical Waste Manifest program eliminates the hassles of using the paper medical waste manifest.


We set you up with a customized set of pickup and delivery documents. You add your custom list of all container/item sizes and types you pick up and deliver. And you add in your trucks and drivers.


We import your entire customer list into the system for you.


Using any smartphone, your driver simply selects a customer, selects the container type and quantity, and captures the signatures on the smartphone screen. Within seconds, your customer will receive their electronic manifest via email AND can view their manifest online, you will have access to the manifests online, and you will have instant access to full reporting on all current and previous pick ups.

Always keeping your customer informed creates a better customer service relationship.

Why use Compliance Publishing?

Simple. More than 90% of all medical waste transporters that provide an OSHA program to their customers use Compliance Publishing. We are a company that you can trust to provide the best services, and to look after your best interest. Let us take care of OSHA compliance for your customers, and online systems for your operations, and let you do what you do best, provide great service to your customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does the program cost?
We believe in fair and simple pricing. There is a one-time $1,000 setup fee, and then just $749 per month for the first 250 customer locations. Each additional customer location with OSHA training costs just $5 per month, or $0.85 per month without the OSHA training.
How long is your agreement?
For more than 30 years, we have taken the approach that we need to earn your business every day. You can cancel at any time with a 30 day notice. No penalties, no other charges.
Do you provide technical support?
We provide toll-free telephone, online, and email technical support, for both you and your customers.
How many credits does each customer receive?
Each one of your OSHA compliance customers receives 10 training credits each calendar year, good for that calendar year.
How do training credits work?
One training credit is good for one employee taking one training course. Every course costs one training credit.
Do you offer free training courses?
Yes. Every quarter we offer one free training course, that can be taken an unlimited number of times by your customers on the system, either OSHA compliance or electronic manifest only customers. This course changes every quarter.

Keep your employees and customers safe.
A new free training course will be available every quarter.

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