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Training has never been easier to take and manage. One employee or one thousand, Compliance Publishing provides professional, comprehensive training and easy to use training management tools.

Comprehensive Training., Easy To Use., Easy To Manage.

Compliance Publishing provides comprehensive, online training that allows you to train your employees on your schedule. Individual or group training, Compliance Publishing makes it easy. The administration tools give you complete control over your training program.

Get Started With Training

Online Training Center

Take the hassle out of training your staff with on-demand, easy to use online training by Compliance Publishing. Train your staff anytime, and anywhere. No need for expensive consultants, no need to close your office on training days. Take training individually, or as a group, assign training, track your employee's training progress, and view all training certificates.

Start and Stop Your Training Course

If you can’t complete a training course at one time, that’s okay. The training center will remember where you stopped, and will continue when you return. The same applies to group training.

Assign Training

Easily assign any training course to any employee, or groups of employees. When assigned, the training center will send an email to each employee, informing them of their training assignments, and providing a link to automatically log them into their training center.

Track Employee Progress

The administrator can track the progress of each employee, view their training certificates, and even remind them to complete a training course…all online.

Group Training

Train an entire group at one time. Simply select a group of employees, and start training. The group will watch the video together, answer the questions together, and then receive an individual training certificate at the end of the training session.

Online Convenience

Employees can take training from their own computer, or handheld device, at their convenience.

Partner with Compliance Publishing

Compliance Publishing has both a private label and affiliate program for companies to offer their prospective and existing customers access to a suite of value-added online compliance tools, including training, via a secure, revenue generating web portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does each training course cost?
We believe in fair and simple pricing. Each course requires a single training credit. Each training credits cost between $14 to $21 per credit, depending on how many you purchase at one time.
Do training credits expire?
No. Purchased training credits are good until they get used.
Can I conduct group training?
Absolutely. This is one of our most popular features. When you train a group, everyone watches the training videos together, answers the test questions as a group, and then the system provides an individual training certificate for each trainee.
How many training credits does group training use?
Group training, just like individual training, requires one training credit for each trainee, for each course taken.
Do you provide technical support?
We provide unlimited toll-free telephone, online, and email technical support, for both you and your customers.
What happens when I run out of training credits?
You can purchase additional training credits within the training center. Purchased training credits are available instantly after purchase.
Can I add my own training courses?
Our partner program makes this possible. Contact Customer Service for complete details.
Do you offer free training courses?
Yes. Every quarter we offer one free training course, that can be taken an unlimited number of times by your employees. This course changes every quarter.

Keep your employees and customers safe.
A new free training course will be available every quarter.

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